1/2 WOMEN, 1/2 AMAZING artist duo out of San Diego, California.

Remodeling and Home Design

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About us:

Carla Naden and Lee Selman make up the artistic duo of ManRabbit.  

The two met through a Craigslist ad in 2007 and formed Quiet Hero, a popular t-shirt company that was sold in Nordstrom and Fred Segal.  

T-shirts were not the end game for either of them, and after deciding to leave the rat race of fashion they needed a new outlet for their combined creative energy.

Turning to mixed media, their first piece was auctioned off at the Hard Rock Cafe in Los Angeles and was bought by Richard Pryor’s wife.  

ManRabbit has evolved into Carla and Lee making their mark in a male dominated art world.  They collaborate weekly in a maelstrom of popcorn, bad TV shows, and a swirling pack of rescued dogs.

You may catch glimpses of their life throughout their art, in pictures and ink spills and torn out pages from journals.  At times Lee has cut out future pages of Carla’s day planner and surreptitiously placed them in more than one piece. Carla has since learned to not leave her day planner unattended.   

Outside of ManRabbit, Carla owns Synergy Animal Rescue and works with senior and special needs dogs, she loves glitter and gold tattoos and the color fuchsia. Lee owns Paleo Treats® and practices Filipino street fighting.

Enough of this.  You want good art?  You want a good artist?  Check out what we’ve done.  If you dig it and it sings to your heart and you know you’re ready to step up to our jukebox of art and slip in a few quarters, we’re here.

Past projects: logos, business cards, posters, cd/dvd covers, book covers, commissioned artwork, tattoos and graphic tees.

Who we have worked with in the past: Playboy, Nixon, Burton, Nordstrom, and Fred Segal, on the journey to here!

Carla Naden and Lee Selman AKA ManRabbit / photo by Tim Hardy